11/10 THOUSANDS PROTESTED IN PHILLY against sexism, racism and the worst of America in one bro

This is what Thread Makes Blanket is up to lately. Ha. I'm so proud to have shared the stage with a great friend, ally and TMB author: Cynthia Dewi Oka. 

Thousands came out to protest the election and the amplified assault on women's bodies it represents. 

By necessity because so many people turned out and many could not hear the speakers-- I turned the notes for my speech into a call and response. It was beautiful to hear so many people repeat my words as passionately as I said them. Still, I was shaking afterwards.
When I have a chance I will post those notes here. Here is one of the best things I managed to say:

We will pivot. 

Go in a new direction. 

We will not go backwards.

The top picture, by Linnette Kielinski, is a pretty great photo of Philly and the moon and the spirit of the evening-- but it convinced me this accidental (long story) blond hair had to go. Despite the fact that it is very Latina-- ha. I just dyed it back to something like its natural color. Promise: I've never wanted to pass. I am proud of my Mexican roots. And I commit to doing all I can to defend others. I've joined a call put out by New Sanctuary Movement here in Philadelphia for trained volunteers for their immigration raid defense network. And I will continue working on the many other projects that I am involved with that center people of color-- especially those who are most vulnerable--and ongoing struggles for human rights and dignity.

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