Artistic Responses to Black Lives Matter November 14th at Community College of Philadelphia

I am jazzed to have helped organize this discussion with some of my favorite colleagues: Debonair Oates-Primus, Lucia Gbaya-Kanga and Faye Allard.  

Monday, November 19th, 1:50-3:30, C2-28, 
building at 18th & Callowhill in Philadelphia

A panel discussion about the pressures, complications, and frustrations these four Black artists navigate AND about the successes they've managed. How does their work engage with the racism and injustice that the Black Lives Matter movement addresses? How do they feel about questions of audience? What changes do they want to see in art? What are their strategies for staying something like honest?

Featuring award-winning Philadelphia based artists Kara Springer (visual art), Lela Aisha Jones (dance), Kirwyn Sutherland (spoken word), and Rashid Zakat (film and photography). Moderated by Nehad Khader. 

Kara created the "white people. do something." piece above and two of Lela's performances are documented in the other photos. 

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