"Poem to Spare" in Big Bell

This poem was published in Big Bell about a year and a half ago. It was my first published poem. I was particularly honored to be in the company of so many other poets I admire. Russell Dillion does a great job with this zine like high quality publication. 

Poem to Spare

In trying to find compassion for lack of compassion, I start to think about immolation and the kind of rock one rolls in internal damnation. I start to feel tricked. There is no thing there to hurt. No one else. No, nothing to run into. Just you and the ground. And a sudden loss of two teeth. Bloody mouth. Swollen tongue and lips. ______ for breath lost. When it’s the ground—who hits who? To comfort, I will explain what I know about a sudden loss of grace (I know nothing of teeth). I will say how you can’t forget, how even when nobody else was there you want to apologize, for failing to do what you can always do. A long time coming, and it hasn’t come. And I stopped waiting. I walked away—left that track. Aimed for thickest trees, admittedly distracted by the beetle kill, and their suck-gut bored out amber remains decorating the tree trunks.

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