From Brideshead Revisted. By Evelyn Waugh, Back Bay edition from 1999, pp 310-311 -- about a love affair about to be undone by a conflict over Catholicism:

And another image came to me, of an arctic hut and a trapper alone with his furs and oil lamp and log fire; the remains of supper on the table, a few books, skis in the corner; everything dry and neat and warm inside, and outside the last blizzard of winter raging and snow piling up against the door. Quite silently a great weight forming against the timber; the bolt straining in its socket; minute by minute in the darkness outside the white heap sealing the door, until quite soon, when the wind dropped and the sun came out on the ice slopes and the thaw set in, a block would move, slide and tumble, high above, gather way, gather weight, till the whole hillside seemed to be falling, and the little lighted place would crash open and splinter and disappear, rolling with the avalanche into the ravine.

This stunning passage was found and promoted by Nava because she knows what's what. Thanks to her for sharing. Damn damn good.

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