Read The New Jim Crow!

One of the courses I am instructing for Spring 2012 is a new class I have named "Freedom Reconsidered: Literature of Incarceration." Using nonfiction, creative nonfiction, fiction and poetry the class will explore contemporary realities of incarceration in the United States and the multitude of effects that reach well beyond prison walls.

Freedom Reconsidered website

The first book that we will be reading is Michelle Alexander's excellent and fierce, The New Jim Crow. As part of the course, we will try and recruit 100 or more people to read the book with us and share their thoughts about incarceration in the U.S. with us on the class website: http://freedomreconsidered.tumblr.com/  (link above). The website will grow as the course develops.

If you can join us in reading this book, please email me, or reply here, to have your name added to our list of readers (feel free to use first name only or first and last).

The following are two interviews with Michelle Alexander:

interview on NPR

interview on Democracy Now

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