literary salons upcoming

I have been tossing around the idea of hosting literary salons here at Fancy House for awhile now...
Old school. With coffee, wine, liquor. Short readings, longer discussions or maybe the other way around. I think it is important to share written work. That discussions seeded in lines grow. I imagine friends who are more the reader type reading work from their favorite authors. I imagine myself and others pushing our own writing to catch the ear of listeners on couches, on cushions, on stools and chairs. Maybe hot cider, maybe guest readers. Probably guest readers. I want Maaza to read from her forthcoming novel, Fulvia to explain about Socrates and love, Andrea to share new ever complicated poems, Ben to write something short and tight and powerful just for the reading.... I want to hear people read their favorite poem--their pleasure in it infectious for the audience.

I am going to start putting the first one together. Maybe ask Asia to use her space. I am thinking mid-December. When I am done with classes and other people may be getting a chance to pause too. If you are interested, or would like to help out, please communicate.

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