one evening, one hundred 7inch records

Inspired by a scene in Just Kids by Patti Smith, I decided my birthday party should include one hundred 7inch records while party guests worked on their crafting projects. As hoped, it was a beautiful evening. Thank you to everyone who came out.
The record list below is a collaborative effort, with Bull, Karen, Sarah, Danielle and Corina all contributing records. The records played from 2:50pm to 2:13am.
1. Huggy Bear
            A. Steppin on Bugs, Limit 2 Surf
            B. Tuff Lovin, Code Fucker
                        Label: Gravity Records

2. Unwound
            A. Corpse Pose
            B. Everything is Weird
                        Label: Kill Rock Stars

3. Las Senoras
            A. Digitacion, Elasticidad
            B. Ansiedad Cerebral, Desolation
                        Label: Solo Para Punks

4. Jawbreaker
            A. Busy
            B. Equalized
                        Label: Shredder Records

5. Zounds
            A. Demystification
            B. Great White Hunter
                        Label: Broken Rekids

6. Crownhate Ruin
            A. Better Still if They Don’t Know
            B. Everyminute’s Sucker
                        Label: Dischord

7. The Cannanes
            A. Simple Question
            B. Fall, Dreadful, Outasite
                        Label: Ajax Records

8. Fatback
            A. Backstrokin
            B. Love Spell
                        Label: Spring Records

9. Version (?)
            A. Back Out
            B. Merciless
                        Label: Fat Eyes Records
10. King Floyd
            A. Groove Me.
            B. What Our Love Needs
                        Label: Chimneyville Records

11. Victory At Sea
            A. Wishes
            B. Simple
                        Label: Magic Eye Singles

12. Make-Up
            A. Free Arthur Lee
            B. Tell it Like a Version
                        Label: K

13. Marvin Gaye
            A. What’s Going On
            B. God is Love
                        Label: Tamia

14. Stockpile
            A. Body Politic, Soviet Death Dealer, Erosion
            B. Tongues, Your Trap, The Fear
                        Label: Destroy Me Records

15. (Penelope and) The Avengers, Live in SF ‘78
            A. End of the World, Summer of Hate
            B. We Are the One, I Believe in Me
                        Label: European reissue of the “Summer of Hate” EP, Lost Music

16. Johnny “Guitar” Watson
            A. Broke and Lonely
            B. Cuttin In
                        Label: King Records

17. Younger Younger 28s
            A. We’re Going Out
            B. Valerie
                        Label: V2 Records

18. Bad Brains (live ’87)
            A. Pay to Cum
            B. At the Movies
                        Label: Caroline Records

19. The Dream Academy
            A. Life in a Northern Town
            B. Test Tape #3
                        Label: Warner Brothers

20. The Penquins
            A. Earth Angel
            B. Hey Senorita
                        Label: Glenville Music

21. BowWowWow
            A. Work
                        Label: EMI

22. The Crystals
            A. He’s A Rebel
            B. I Love You Eddie
                        Label: Phillies Records

23. The Clash
            A. Should I Stay or Should I Go
            B. Inoculated City
                        Label: Epic

24. Sade
            A. Smooth Operator
            B. Spirit
                        Label: Portrait Records

25. The Slits
            A. In the Beginnning
            B. There Was Rhythm
                        Label: Roughtrade

26. Bikini Kill
            A. New Radio
            B. Rebel Girl, Demirep
                        Label: Kill Rock Stars

27. The New Birth
            A. It’s Been a Long Time
            B. Keep On Doin It
                        Label: RCA

28. X-Ray Specs
            A. Oh Bondage Up Yours
            B. I Am a Cliché
                        Label: Virgin

29. Three Mile Pilot
            A. This Divine Crown
            B. The Open Sided
                        Label: Golden Rod Records

30. Queen
            A. Bohemian Rhapsody
                        Label: Electra

31. Skewbald
            A. Grand Union
                        Label: Dischord

32. Fugazi
            A. Furniture
            B. Hello Morning
                        Label: Dischord

33. Minor Threat
            A. Salad Days
            B. Stumped, Good Guys
                        Label: Dischord

34. Dag Nasty
            A. You’re Mine
            B. Staring At the Rude Boys, All Ages Show
                        Label: Giant Records

35. Slant 6
            A. What Kind of Monster Are You?
            B. Semi Blue Tile, Thirty-Third Vision
                        Label: Dischord

36. The Brat
            A. The Wolf/ El Lobo

37. Judas Priest
            A. You’ve Got Another Thing Coming
            B. Diamonds and Rust
                        Label: Columbia

38. Phil Collins
            A. Against All Odds
            B. The Search
                        Label: Atlantic

39. Baxondale
            A. An American Friend
            B. You Know the Rules
                        Label: Evil World Records

40.  Blatz
            A. Fuk Shit Up, Fuk New York
            B. Lullaby, Blatz to the Future, Hustler
41. V/A
            A. Mineral- Crazy, Jimmy Eat World- Second Crush
            B. Sensefield – Every Reason
                        Label: Crank

42. 7 Seconds
            A. Skins, Brains, Guts, No Authority, Redneck Society, Baby Games
            B. Racism Sucks, This is My Life, AntiKlan, We’re Gonna Fight
43. Atom and His Package
            A. (Lord It’s Hard to Be Happy When You’re Not) Using the Metric System
            B. Nutrition, Hats off to Halford
                        Label: Vital Music Mail Order Records

44. Native Nod
            A. Bread
            B. Hightide in Alaska, Back to Mimsey
                        Label: Gern Blandstein

45. Cap’n Jazz
            A. We Are Scientists!
            B. Sea Tea, Troubled By Insects
                        Label: Underdog Records

46. Moss Icon
            A. Ghost, Last
            B. Dance, Ditch
                        Label: Vermin Scum

47. Bruce Springsteen
            A. I’m On Fire
            B. Johnny Bye Bye
                        Label: Columbia

48. Pat Benatar
            A. Hit Me With Your Best Shot
            B. Prisoners of Love
                        Label: Crysalis

49. Born Against
            A. Eulogy
            B. Rising With Mary
                        Label: Veriform

50. Duran Duran
            A. The Wild Boys
            B. (I’m Looking For) Cracks in the Pavement
                        Label: Capitol

51. Life’s Blood
            A. Never Make a Change, Left Me Behind, Stick to It, Guilty as Charged
            B. Youth Enrage, Not for the Weak, Catch Our Breath, It’s Not in Yr Heart
                        Label: Combined Effort

52. The Brook
            A. 26 Bird Calls
                        Label: Droll Yankees Ink

53. Pink Floyd
            A. When the Tigers Broke Free
            B. Bring the Boys Back Home
                        Label: Harvest

54. Crimpshrine
            A. Butterflies, Situation
            B. Easy Answers, Inspiration
                        Label: Lookout

55. The Marvelettes
            A. Beachwood 45789
            B. Someday, Someway
                        Label: Tamla

56. Hugh Masakela
            A. Riot
            B. Mace and Grenades
                        Label: Uni

57. Contropotere
            A. Quello Che Ha, Zona Luce
            B. Nau Fraga, Briganti
                        Label: Skuld Releases

58. Uncle Tupelo
            A. Saugent Wind
            B. Looking for a Way Out, Take My Word
                        Label: Rockville Records

59. Wipers
            A. Image of Man, Telepathic Love
            B. Voices in the Rain, Alien Boy
                        Label: Park Ave. Records

60. Jawbreaker (bootleg)
            A. Rich, Caroline (demo 89)
            B. Boxcar (Unplugged @Gilman ’92)

61. Born Against/ Universal Order of Armageddon split 7”
            A. I am an Idiot, Entire Vast Situation
            B. Painfully Obvious, Bit Part in a Bad Movie
                        Label: Gravity

62. Sticks and Stones
            A. Sound, Less Than Free
            B. Contempt, Reason to Care
                        Label: Onslaught Mardate Records

63. Operation Ivy
            A. Junkie’s Runnin Dry, Here We Go Again, Hoboken
            B. Yellin in My Ear, SleepLong, Healthy Body
                        Label: Lookout

64. Neurosis
            A. Empty
            B. Day of the Lords, The Choice
                        Label: Allied Recordings (pressing of 1000)

65. Shotmaker
            A. Believe In, Rope and Pulley
            B. Add and Subtract, Fine Day
                        Label: KungFu/Manticore Records

66. Mukilteo Fairies
            A. Taken Advantage, Strangulated Boy, 4 Letter Love
            B. Ripped Out, Nasty Disposition, I’m Spun
                        Label: Kill Rock Stars
67. Conflict
            A. Mighty and Superior
            B. To Whom It May Concern
                        Label: Mortarhate Records

68. Men’s Recovery Project
A. Total Lockup System, Use the Brain, Email is a Men’s Room, Ronald Reagan, Ye Part 9, New York Times
B. My Demands, Problems, Encounters, America, Normal Man
            Label: Gravity

69. Arctic Flowers
            A. Slouching Towards Bethleham
            B. Neon Tombs, Technicolor Haze
70. Stevie Wonder
            A. For Once in My Life
            B. Angie Girl
                        Label: Tamia

71. The Need
            A. Jacky O’ Lantern
            B. Lamp, Pony 4 Honey
                        Label: Outpunk

72. The Need
            A. Majesty, DPDT, Crush
            B. 96 Needles, Crown, Kathy Quaalude
                        Label: Kill Rock Stars

73. The Zeros
            A. Main Street Brat
            B. Handgrenade Heart
                        Label: Last Laugh Records

74. Huggy Bear
            A. Herjazz
            B. Prayer, Pro No From Now
                        Label: Wiiija Records

75. The Third Sex
            A. Feed Me, My Expense
            B. Mombies
                        Label: Kill Rock Stars

76. Sam Cooke
            A. Chain Gang
            B. Cupid
                        Label: RCA

77. Irma Thomas
            A. Break-a-way
            B. Wish Someone Would Care
                        Label: Imperial Records

78. The Temptations
            A. Power
                        Label: Gordy

79. Syl Johnson
            A. Is It Because I’m Black?
            B. Let Them Hang High
                        Label: Twinight

80. Mecca Normal
            A. Forlorn
            B. He Didn’t Say
                        Label: K

81. James Brown
            A. Ain’t It Funky Now (Part 1)
            B. Ain’t It Funky Now (Part 2)
                        Label: King Records

82. Fred Wesley and the JBs
            A. Doin it to Death
            B. Everybody Got Soul
                        Label: People

83. JJ Williams
            A. Make A Believe
            B. Gonna Have a Murder on Your Hands
                        Label: Capitol

84. Starship
            A. Sara
            B. Hearts of the World
                        Label: Grunt

85. Elliott Smith
            A. Needle in the Hay
            B. Alphabet Town, Some Song
            Label: Kill Rock Stars

86. Sleater-Kinney
            A. Get Up
            B. By the Time You’re Twenty-Five
                        Label: Kill Rock Stars

87. Team Dresch
            A. Hand Grenade, Endtime Relay
            B. Molasses in January
                        Label: Kill Rock Stars

88. Ike and Tine Turner
            A. Come Together
            B. Honkey Tonk Women
                        Label: Minit

89. Los Crudos
            A. No Estoy Convencido, Curiosidad, Porque
            B. Tu Lo Ensenaste, Lucha Para Quete, Escuchen, Corrido Jodido
                        Label: Lengua Armada

90. La Termina
            A. Esta al Caer, Altos
            B. La Espera, Reflexion
                        Label: Solo Para Punks

91. Gwen McCrae
            A. It Keeps On Raining
            B. Rockin’ Chair
                        Label: Cat

92. Clarence Carter
            A. Slipped, Tripped and Fell in Love
            B. I Hate to Love and Run
                        Label: Atlantic

93. The Rance Allen Group
            A. Ain’t No Need of Crying
            B. If I Could Make the World Better
                        Label: Truth Records
94. Kellee Patterson
            A. If It Don’t Fit, Don’t Force It
            B.  Be Happy
                        Label: Shadybrook
95. Bobby Bland
            A. Today I Started Loving You Again
            B. Too Far Gone
                        Label: ABC

96. Avail/ (Young) Pioneers split 7”
            A. Avail: New #2, Lombardy Street
B. (Young) Pioneers: Join or Die, French Colonial Running Dogs, Death to the Coalition
            Label: Lookout

97. Emily’s Sassy Lime
            A. Dippity Do-Not
            B. Sneaking into Yer House, Bait and Switch
                        Label: Kill Rock Stars

98. Wormwood
            A. Circus
            B. Seven
99. Nina Simone (remixed)
            A. Four Women
            B. Come Ye

100. Nina Simone
            A. Gin House Blues
            B. You Can Have Him
                        Label: Colpix

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