plug in the scanner and scan some pictures...

Months ago I stubbornly bought a first edition of James Baldwin's The Evidence of Things Not Seen for $15 at a used bookstore. While I have a lot of books, I am not a "book collector." But it was Baldwin! When I finally sat down to read it I discovered the signature. My name is not Theluis(?) but it is pretty great to have this on my bookshelf.

I didn't buy much at Chaos, but so glad I got this. 1980s Chicana Punk reissue. 
An anthology coming soon.

in case you've never seen this wonder

easter '85 lil bro had the best bowl cut

VONA 2010--beautiful people


mike r said...

Is it Thelma?

MJV said...

Totally could be-- except that a don't look like the one below...but in his hurry.

Better than my non-guess for sure.