more random pictures with the rambling I am good for...

I am not much of a picture kid. I forget my camera all the time, often don't have a camera for years on end. But it is nice to have little reminders of good times, good people. Periodically I manage to connect the memory card to this computer, and put some random pictures and little matching rambles. 
Above is a doll from The National Museum of the American Indian, a Smithsonian museum in D.C. below are some more pictures from there. Overall, I was impressed by the museum-- they have a whole walls dedicated to the search for gold, to guns, and to Bibles-- the big three...

The above picture is evidence of the labeling people tried so hard to hold onto-- to determine by looks how "indian" someone was. Mapping, trying to own, trying to justify oppressions. I stared at this for a long time. Guess this is how pictures can be important-- I can keep staring at it, taking it all in.

Below are two pictures from this years AWP conference. I should've taken more pictures-- evidence of some of the good people I got to see again. Damn.  Great to see you all.

Above, I just thought it would be funny to document Kane in the kind of hat he would never wear. The odd one red eye I really should know how to fix before posting is perhaps the oddest part though. Below that, a picture of the road in Wyoming. Been looking at such sights fondly for awhile now.

 Last, a picture from the Valentines Day benefit show for Blast-o-Mat (local collectively run punk show space) that was held at Bar Bar. At some point in the evening, there was an auction of guys. They stood on the bar, which is when I was able to capture this ridiculous picture of Molly.

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