Letter from Cuba

I miss Nate something terrible. I am very happy for him to get to live his dream though-- medical school in Cuba. At the largest, one of the most respected, medical schools in the world: Escuela Latinoamericana de Medicina. more wiki info on the school here

Excerpts from the letter that arrived today, written on the 22nd of March:

...I just skipped class and I'm just kicking it listening to Calle 13 and relaxing before I go work out with some friends. It is a gym--kind of-- that's a guys backyard. All the equipment is homemade including elliptical machines, and with chickens and piglets scurrying around...oh, I forgot to mention that tomorrow Calle 13 is playing in front of the US Special Interests Section... I am really excited...I have really been missing our cooking and dinner parties...In other news I got in a few fights recently and won both! People were saying homophobic shit and I called it out both times. It felt good to give them what they deserved especially because it was a beating from a big maricon! Something about the atmosphere here, I dunno if [it's] Cuba or Medical School but we do a lot of drinking, smooching/fucking and fighting. Oh, and dancing! I can't wait for you to find yourself down here and see for yourself. I think it will appeal to your idealism, the romanticism of lost causes, the peculiar and unique and impossibly rich detail of this place and the fact that it represents one of the biggest cracks in the hegemonic sludge that is killing possibility and alternative and creativity in this world. Whew! On that note, I am going to sign off and get ready for the gym...

Things this letter makes me think of:
1. Missing Nate, how amazing it still is that we found each other.
2. How I need to write a letter back asap
3. The wine that went with the dinner parties... and the dancing to the records I stubbornly brought to Wyoming with me (hundreds)...
4. 140 dozen eggs
5. What the beach in Cuba might be like
6. Wanting more, wanting better, how in moments we can sometimes create that

picture below is of me and Nate in chicago. damn, a year ago.

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