Pronghorn Passage

This presentation and slideshow explores one of the world’s greatest long-distance animal migrations, a phenomenon that happens right here in the state of Wyoming. Wildlife photographer Joe Riis and essayist Emilene Ostlind, both UW graduates and Outdoor Program Employees, tell the story of walking the 150-mile migration corridor of the western Wyoming pronghorn antelope to document this unique event. The slideshow has been shown at numerous film events and Joe Riis was featured in a recent Patagonia catalogue.

Date: Wednesday, Feb. 10, 7 p.m.

Location: Classroom Building room 310
University of Wyoming

(Really, I just wanted to add the picture... and I am excited about Emilene's work and wish I could be at this presentation. But I am teaching at that time. And I don't think I can stretch it enough to take my Mexican American Literature class there with me...)

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