going through old notes part 2

Going through old notes.

Periodic reviews.

Many bits I can't believe I wrote, some because they are so cheesy or obtuse, some because they are still interesting. Ultimately, I think going through the scraps of where I've some from is useful when I'm figuring out next steps.

So, I am going to share some of this with yous. Yous out there in la la land.

"What's any artist but the dregs of his work? The human shambles that follows it around?"
--William Gaddis

Story about Wyoming. Story about a town with too few people. Story about the lengths people will go to to believe. Story about making due. Story about knowing no better. Story about patterned t-shirts stretching over stomachs.

"What is wrong with your work is what is wrong with you."
--Mark Jenkins

When lil wayne said he didn't understand why people think school is hard since the answers are in the book and they give you the book.

No thanks, I've got my own measuring cups.

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