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A random assortment of pictures from months past since I finally downloaded them from my camera:

I go to Detroit. I take my camera. I end up taking one photo of a burnt up car in the suburbs? I guess I do have a ton of Detroit photos somewhere...
Detroit was rad as always. Great to see Mikey and his progress with the $3000 house. Good to meet Mike and Jenny, wish we could've had more time. About two years ago my friend Bison insisted that I must know his cousin Jenny in Detroit. I didn't then but later learned the degree of separation was one. So now I've met her and we've both marveled at how I know her cousin--small world sometimes.
Nice to then hang in Ann Arbor too. I'm sure I will post more about the Labadie Collection at the University of Michigan. Got to spend some time with rad Philly Stands Up folks in the fancy college town.

My brother Jeremiah, my sister-in-law Schalie and I at a club in Kansas City on Schalie's birthday. I only have one sibling so I very much appreciate my brother's luck in getting this cool lady to marry him. BTW, he seems to always take this picture.

I also added some pictures to some old posts so there are some more VONA photos there. Gotta put my ladies up front though. This is our two year crew-- Torrie and Camille, like me, came back for more. Lets do it again next year ladies.

This picture is from my birthday a little while ago. This is in Kansas City. Deena (you can barely see a bit of her on the right) and her sister and Kane and I. A rad weekend I didn't want to end. Must mention a sweet delivery of Philly gifts that made me all kinds a fuzzy.

This picture is from my last week in Wyoming when I went out to Jackson and had an amazing time. A six hour horseback ride through State Park land. Crazy beautiful, the pictures will never capture it fully. This was a "poker run" ride. Now I've done these in three formats: horse, bicycle and cross country skis. Thanks Sam!

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Sam said...

You gave me a shout out on your blog?! No Way! ... That was a very fun poker ride. Perhaps the height of the summer. Glad you were there.