The Challenge

Right now I have access to TV in a way that I haven't had since I lived with my parents (13 years ago). Cable. Maybe 200 channels? Something crazy. Still so hard to actually find music videos to watch. A bit of a guilty pleasure yes but also probably has something to do with both my attention span and my dislike of almost all sitcoms and reality shows (some exceptions-- The Wire most notably). Four minutes is not enough to "save the world" but it's a good amount of time to jump around to some eye-candy with a beat (current favorites: RichGirl and Melanie Fiona).

So, flipping through channels and trying to find music videos, but overall kinda lost and not exactly competent using the remote (those things got complicated!) I stumbled upon a episode of MacGyver. I looked it up on the internet-- the episode is called The Challenge, which is the name of the teen center MacGyver and an early Cuba Gooding Jr. are working with others to save, but to do so means fighting white supremacists. It is a little cheesy, sure, (though a guy does get tortured and killed, so really, the show didn't hold back like most would) but it is the classic MacGyver of my memory, earnest and fascinating. And he isn't even macgyvering anything in this episode.
Check the link below for the summary of the episode and a clip.

So, you're like: Cool Marissa. Um... MacGyver wasn't so bad, sure. Nice you're watching TV some but you are supposed to be writing a novel...

Oh, the TV is the least of my problems. I am writing but this is no simple task. After a morning of writing and reading and, in the back of my head, mildly lamenting the goals I've set for myself I tried to jump around/bop/workout to music videos. Before back to the task at hand. Again and again the task at hand. And in my mind MacGyver relates here. Reals.

I have a vague MacGyver memory from childhood that resurfaces every so often-- in some episode was the first time I ever saw a forest fire lookout tower. I wanted that. A box of books. Notebooks. Pens. And now, more than ever, as I write on a blog, about TV and music videos, I have that tower. Self-imposed isolation. Looking out on millions of trees turned into pages of books. Looking for new fire worth spotting. Catching up on the self-education that got me this far. Sentences. Phrases. Character. Scene. Time with myself where I think about grand ideas and little truths like how I am so willing to play make believe lately, perhaps believing I am living life to the fullest, in the moment, something like that. Still, I am quick to tear these constructed castles down, to pretend they never existed, to reaffirm my disbelief.

It is good to be in my watchtower playing with words. Reals.

Macgyver Challenge episode recap

Macgyver Challenge weird trailer someone made

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