old notes still matter

I fill notebooks. Ideas, phrases, sentences, notes, random bits. Not the best organization but I keep them all. I could argue that the separation of all of this would be artificial--it is all interconnected. Though I would find things more quickly if I was better organized.

I've decided to share the following because I've been pretty frustrated with some of the widely covered protests of Obama and Healthcare lately. For a variety of reasons including: how comparatively little anti-war protests were covered though there were many times as many people marching on Washington and how blatantly racist much of the rhetoric of the protesters and the organizers is. It is hard to watch.

Anyways, I came across some notes I took when I heard john a. powell speak on racial inequality and education.
They are the 4 frames that "whites" have when they talk about race. I didn't note if he made these up or what the origin is, sorry. I just find them useful for thinking about these issues.

1. Minimize Racial Disparity
ex: "things may not be entirely equal but it isn't as bad as it used to be"
assumes that the racial playing field is equal

2. Blame Culture for Racial Inequality
ex: segregation in housing is natural, after all "they prefer to live by themselves"

3. Racial Phenomena is "Natural"

4. Focusing on Individuals and Their Traits, Assuming we all Start from the Same Position

john a. powell bio

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Benjamin said...

So this is weird, but I was at one of your MFA readings way back in April and I fell in love with your story about the train-hoppers. I didn't get a chance to talk to you afterward, but I did write down your name. I got busy and completely spaced looking you up until now, but I was wondering if there was anyway I could get my hands on a full copy of that story as you only read an abridged version. The best way to let me know would be to send an e-mail to ouchmytoe@gmail.com. Thank you,
Benjamin Roberts