Terrance Hayes

--above is what I believe was the diagram that Hayes passed out in Chicago-- the poetry journal jubilat used it for their cover art--

Yesterday I was trying to explain the experience of seeing Terrance Hayes read to a friend who had never heard of him. So I just did a quick web search to follow up the conversation with some links to Hayes' work. I was excited to discover that versions of the poem that he read in Chicago are just recently available online (in an earlier post about AWP Chicago I go into more depth about Hayes live). Check it out:

live reading version

text version


The differences between the two versions are also an interesting look at the evolution of a poem over what seems to be at least a couple of years.

or, better yet, get a terrance hayes fix and just listen to the whole 38 min from the 2007 reading here:
full terrance hayes reading from 2007

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