plane shaped pool

I imagine there are people out who go to stuff like this all of the time, but I am not one of those people so I'm jazzed. Coming back to Philly is really about as rockstar as my life gets... lots of amazing people I love, dinner parties, DJing, beach time, collecting blueberries (what isn't rockstar about that?), new rad people from all over, art, live music and extensive record collections, conversations about ATR, long walks, urban biking, photo booths, punk rock, queer and weirdo community, yeah.
And now this includes plane shaped pool party with hip bands. Ridiculous. My friend Megan told me to count how many American Apparel gold lame bikinis I see. Ha ha. I gots a crew, it'll be ok.
When you click on the link just scroll down to the august 1st. show. um.. yeah... the one with the plane shaped pool. Oh, and bands, right, there are bands: Dan Deacon/ No Age/ Deerhunter and some others.

Update: The show was pretty sweet. Dan Deacon isn't really my thing (he made us feel old, the "kids" loved him though) but I appreciated his commitment to DIY and the statements he made to the crowd about avoiding corporate sponsorship and treating each other well. Deerhunter and No Age were excellent. The round robin set-up was cool to watch.

Oh, and the pool, the pool was ridiculous. Shaped like a plane at this weird Jersey mini-resort that has an actual landing strip so throughout the show planes were landing and taking off.

the pic link didn't work anymore so above is the best photo I found on a quick web search

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