Speaking of Writing radio show

Emilene Ostlind and I were on the local radio here talking about writing... reading a little of our work too. My own favorite quote is when I was talking about how I call some of my stories "queer" I explained how this means structure, not the choices of characters, that these stories can, "love whoever they want to". It was kinda funny. Emiliene is one of my favorite people and it was great to get to do this together. Thank you to Randy Koch for asking us-- he is the host on this show.

Here is how to access it (you have to have itunes):

Go to uwyo.edu/itunesu.

Login as a member of the public. It doesn’t matter what name or password you use to login.

There are a whole bunch of course icons. Find the Speaking of Writing icon – look for the face of the little black dog (Archie!)


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