Barry Hannah Contest

I guess this is a good thing. I mean of course it is. That is why I am sharing.
A couple of months back I was worried for the first time about not having a lot of publications-- okay, none that people (who are "people" in this scene of sorts) count. I hadn't thought about it a whole lot because I rarely feel finished with my stories and I want to be careful with them. I do think that I am my own best critic, it should be that way I suppose. I've tried to trust myself.
And because I was worried about recognition or validation or some similar thing that I do a pretty good job of ignoring... I sent a few simultaneous submissions and entered a couple of contests-- which I have always resisted and been wary of. I mean, reading fee? I have to pay to get someone to read my work? That's no way to live. But I understand that it supports journals and pays for the prize money.
So I broke the seal.
I just got a confusing email about this contest... which was judged by Padgett Powell. I was a finalist, that part is clear.
First, they spelled my name wrong. But, it is long, it could happen to anyone.
Then, I only heard via email. Which means there is no money attached. And I am pretty sure means that they won't publish it, since I don't have to sign anything.
Which is better than this other thing that I was a finalist for-- I only heard about that because I googled myself. They call it "egosurfing" but really, I was doing it because I was trying to complete the "press" section of this website. And I was like, hey that's me!
Anyways, Barry Hannah and Padgett Powell are good things. I like them. The Yalobusha Review I am not as familiar with, honestly, but they look like nice people and I get a free issue.
(I was just reading something somewhere on another journal's website about how they know we can't support every journal but that we better support some. And I do.)
Just checked The Yalobusha Review's other website (the email only connected me to the blogspot) and yep, it is just a mention.
Still learning about this game. Not always sure which parts I should play. Hard to figure out the "need" for publications and the need for me to simply write work that I am proud of. And of course these don't have to be mutually exclusive.
Thank you to The Yalobusha Review and Padgett Powell for seeing what I am trying to do. "Bootstrapping" is not an easy read, no doubt, but it is dear to my heart.


Anonymous said...

thug-life. i love it. just goes to show how hard it is to win those things.

Homofictus said...

updates. please.