Isotope literary journal

Just found out that I have a piece that is going to be published in Isotope literary magazine: http://isotope.usu.edu in 2010. Which means that they are ahead of the game I guess. It is something that I wrote for the Writing for Extraterrestrials class that I took in Spring 2008. The class was sponsored by NASA and even came up in Senate hearings as part of funding items that were being critiqued. It was a once in a lifetime classroom opportunity and Jeff Lockwood pushed and challenged with a barrage of possibilities. His most recent book is called Six-Legged Soldiers: Using Insects as Weapons of War and is out now from Oxford University Press.

Here is what Jeff said about the publication:
"I’m absolutely jazzed for you guys! I’m completely into vicarious joy when it comes to teaching—and seeing my students get into print is a genuine high for me. I think that those who had their pieces accepted were students who threw themselves into the crazy experiment, willfully suspended disbelief, and adopted an attitude of serious play without trying to force their writing into conventions (after all, there are NO conventions when it comes to interstellar communication!). Your willingness to explore (ok, in effect co-create!) a craft-stretching genre was the key."

The class really pushed us to create some interesting stuff, even if it wasn't always successful. I have a short story that came out of that class as well that I am trying to get somewhere to pick up. I tried to write a story influenced by Surrealism-- and while I am not sure that I managed that, I did come up with a story that I am jazzed about.

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