This picture shows some of the rad writers I met at the Voices of Our Nations Arts Foundation (VONA) writer's workshop I attended this past July.

I was told on the first day that I would love it-- but I was wary. But they got me. Ask anyone, I am not really woo-woo (well, in my old age that is changing a bit), but they made me damn woo-woo. It was such a vital experience for me as a writer, as a writer of color, as a writer who cares about social justice issues.

Here is an interview with the poet and novelist Chris Abani, one of the workshop leaders: chris abani interview

also, Mat Johnson was my excellent leader:
mat johnson interview
he yelled at me in a good way

and here is an interview with author Junot Diaz, who I have been told is a co-founder of VONA and who will be back next year: junot diaz interview

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